1. Hello, I’m on Vodafone and my phone is damaged, my contract runs out in December is there any way I can upgrade earlier as I don’t have insurance on my phone and the phone is starting to become unusable?

    1. Hi Matt,
      Sorry to hear about your phone. What happened to it? You can often upgrade for free a month early, but if you want to upgrade now, you’d have to go to a Carphone Warehouse store and pay off the rest of your contract in one go. That’d let you upgrade straight away but could be expensive depending on how much you pay each month. Hope that helps.

  2. hi dear. i had bought htc one m8 on pay as u go from one of ur stores in edinburgh Uk. i was seeking some advice as in an accident the screen is been broken. i was wondering to know is there any warranty carphone ware house or htc provides?

  3. Hi

    i purchased my HTC one mini 2 from you last month. over the last few day’s my phone has been crashing causing it to freeze and sometimes it turn’s itself off and on. Today i went to update it and now its stuck on the start up screen. i cant turn the phone off as the power key is not working.

    can i bring this into a store to be looked at today once i have finished work? or will i need to go home and get the box and the receipt.

    1. Hi Lee,
      Just take the phone in store and they’ll have a look for you. If they can’t fix it then and there, they might need to send it away if it’s over 28 days old. If it’s within the 28 day return policy, and there’s nothing that would invalidate the warranty, they’ll be able to exchange the phone if you take the box with you.

  4. Hi there,
    I am coming to the end of my 24 month contract with Talk Mobile and am looking for the next phone contract I’d like to have. I am hoping to get a Samsung Galaxy S5 but am struggling to choose a network. I have managed to find some fairly similar deals at similar prices, but I just wondered whether the network I choose will have much effect on the service I receive. I looked on Rootmetrics and for me (I live in Hull and go to uni in Manchester) it looks like EE would provide me with the best phone service. I have read that they received a lot of complaints. Prior to Talkmobile I was with O2 and never had any problems, but I know several people who have said that they have had lots of trouble with O2 and their service. Is there actually much of a difference between O2 and EE and so which network would you recommend or does it really make absolutely no difference?

    1. Hi Rachel,
      The first thing you’ve got to look at when you’re changing network is coverage. Customer service isn’t much of a problem for any network. You’ll be able to find people who have had bad experiences with all of the networks.

      By the sounds of things, you’d be best going with EE. Rootmetrics tests are very extensive so I’d trust them.

      Hope you enjoy the new phone and network!

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