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20 November, 2017
If you're looking for a new smartphone and you're on a strict budget, there are some great bargains for as little as £50 or less.
12 November, 2017
Monqi is a unique version of Android, designed for children. Through an accompanying app, you can set restrictions and monitor everything they do...
10 November, 2017
We take a look at up-coming language learning app, Fluent Forever. Its creator claims the apps can make you fluent in a foreign language in six months...
8 November, 2017
Lots of phone owners end up paying over the odds when they're out of contract. We'll show you how to avoid all that, and get the phone you want.
7 November, 2017
If your child has their first smartphone, they'll needs some suitable apps. Here are five that we think are essential.
3 November, 2017
You should take your smartphone out on Bonfire Night. It'll help you stay safe and take great firework pictures.

23 November, 2017
If you're thinking of buying a phone as a gift, there's a lot to consider. Use our...
20 November, 2017
If you're looking for a new smartphone and you're on a strict budget, there are some...
17 November, 2017
Is Apple Pay Cash different to Apple Pay? We take a look at the new peer-to-peer...
17 November, 2017
We take a closer look at the word from the web on iPhone X. This is what the likes...